Unifiber HD SDM C75

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Unifiber HD SDM C75

Unifiber HD C75 RDM mast range delivers a superb blend of durability and responsiveness that is optimal for many sailors.

With their impressive performance, these masts are a great match for wavesailors, amateur racers and high-wind freeriders looking to step up their game.

New Unifiber HD masts take advantage of the Universal Ferrule System, meaning that all ferrules have the same dimensions, regardless
of carbon content or curve. You can benefit by custom building your ideal mast with different tops and bases. For example, combine the
strength of a 75% HD base with the light-weight performance of a 100% Elite top.

HD C75 RDM mast range is introduced in three new specialized curves:

  • Constant Curve ? A 'classic' constant curve. Balanced and versatile, with the curve profile that has been preferred by many sailmakers for decades.
  • Constant FL Curve ? A modern-day flex top with a little more flexing in the centre.
  • Constant FH Curve ? Flexes in the top as much as the Green Curve but is a little stiffer in the centre, resulting in a very fluent curve.

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