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The Raceboard class is a classic in windsurfing competition.

Raceboard regattas typically have tight starts, exciting mark roundings, tactics based on continuous wind changes, and  as always
 speed is rewarded. Raceboards are also ideal to learn windsurfing and to develop long distance techniques and recreational windsurfing
skills. Launching can be from the beach, or from a marina. Elevated board buoyancy and light rigs make raceboarding extremely versatile.
Lakes, open sea, rivers  all locations are valid for the Raceboard class.

The team that created Loftsails Raceboardblades is compact and diverse!  Joao Rodrigues, the only sailor who has gone to all the Olympic
games celebrated in the History of Windsurfing and current World and European Masters Champion.  Curro Manchón, Spanish coach of the
Olympic medalist in London 2012, and on raceboard podiums in more than 10 World and European championships. - Current Lightweight
World runner-up Patrick Pollak with his technical eminence in the world of windsurfing, with many Olympic games and international podiums
backing him up. Finally, Monty Spindler, Master and Commander of the project, designer, and competitor in Raceboard.

The new Raceboard Blade LW (Light Wind) II is a winning tool, specialized for light winds, but also remaining effective when winds exceed
12 knots. The Raceboardblade is light: 4.65kg. Its power and ease of maneuverability make it delicious in the hands. An ideal tool for raceboard fun and competition.

Segel Gabelbäum Luff Mast SDM/RDM Latten Cambers Gewicht (kg)
9.5 240 538 520 SDM 7 3 5,84

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