Powerex Mast RDM WP-60 400 cm constant curve

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The WP (Wind-preg®) 60 reduced diameter mast is a superb choice for any kind of windsurfer. It is lighter and stronger than any other product on the market with the same nominal carbon content. With this mast, Powerex sets THE standard other mast brands aim to. This is probably the best price/weight ratio RDM mast in the world. This is more than a simple 60% Carbon mast, this is really a great product for leisure, freestyle and wave performance sailing. The Nano-core technology, thanks to its special helix design, ensures maximum performance and 100% reliability on the water.
This line has been developed having in mind everyday Windsurfers or Schools that are looking for a lifetime product. The extra glass fiber content ensures a more comfortable session reducing the stiffness of the complete rig extending your time on the water.
The maximum reflex ratio is obtained using the Wind-preg® Technology.

Wind-preg® Carbon Technology
64-76 true constant curve
Deluxe Soft Mast Bag

WP60 rdm 370 60 17 27 1,65 all condition YES
WP60 rdm 400 60 19 26 1,95 all condition YES
WP60 rdm 430 60 21 25 2,20 all condition YES

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The mast curve will fit most of the following brands:
Bull Sails
Challenger Sails
Ezzy Sails
F2 Sails
Gaastra Sails
Goya Sails
Gun Sails
Ka Sails
Loft Sails
Maui Sails
Naish Sails
North Sails
Sail Loft
Simmer Style

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